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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Steven Gerrard: Liverpool In Need Of a Miracle for League Title Victory

Liverpool have played past through rival teams and won titles throughout their history. In recent times, they are apparently trending towards a decline – a fact lamented by their faithful following and the likes of midfielder Steven Gerrard.

Gerrard, aged 32 and captain of Liverpool, said that his side would need “a miracle” should they win a league title with him at the club. He pointed his age as an issue and emphasized that the increasing competitiveness of the league has provided difficulties for them to become potential titleholders.

Referring to strong teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal, Gerrard cited Manchester City – last season’s league winners, as an up-and-coming side that is making Liverpool’s title chase more difficult. He added Tottenham Hotspurs and Newcastle United as two other teams that are emerging competitively.

According to Gerrard, the current Liverpool squad needs to have good luck and undergo major improvements to finish in the top four this season. Despite their eighth-place finish last season, he claimed that their goal to rise in the rankings remains possible.

Profoundly concerned with his age, Gerrard said that he faces slim chances of belonging in a title-winning Liverpool squad. He quickly dispelled suggestions that he is nearing retirement by saying that he will continue fighting for the team.

A Merseyside resident, Gerrard’s firm sense of loyalty for Liverpool remains widely acclaimed. He first signed as a professional for the club in 1997 and is now playing on his 14th year. He has one year left in his current contract.

Saying that he is still capable of playing for his age, Gerrard is hoping that he could stay at par with the likes of United loyalists Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs, who are both nearing their 40s. He wishes to play under a new contract with Liverpool and went on to express his approval for new manager Brendan Rodgers, who he considers as capable of leading the club to a title despite their poor showing at the start of the current season.

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