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Monday, October 24, 2011

UEFA rules prohibiting smoking at Euro 2012 race

         UEFA rules to ban all smoking on and off the pitch in his final round of Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. This regulation includes the area surrounding the sale and advertising, while Michelle is the boss of the organization's Latin European football. I want to see everyone healthy. The reason for this prohibition is the rule.
        Federation of European Football (UEFA) for the competition rules prohibiting smoking in the European Cup National Championship "Euro 2012" Poland and Ukraine for the last hall of the disclosure on Thursday, October 20 the past.
         UEFA has issued rules that conflict with a allowed to smoke during the UEFA Champions League was the prohibition of this together with the World Health Organization. (W H O), World Heart Federation. (W. H) and health care networks in competition with European states that "UEFA will enforce the law prohibiting the consumption, sale or advertise cigarettes. In all stadiums used in Euro 2012 battle in which regulations will apply without exception to all parts of the field is. Is on or off the pitch. "
         While Michelle is President of the UEFA Cup Latin spoken to this issue. "These are without a cigarette in his Euro 2012 campaign, it's about the audience cares about the health of the race. And everyone who is involved with this item. We support the highest standards of health, safety and comfort in our competition. That smoking is not good for them. "


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