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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Semi-finals. Portugal - Spain

In the semi-finals UEFA EURO 2012 in Donetsk, European and world champions from Spain could not print the gate of contenders from Portugal for 120 minutes. However, in the penalty shoot-out proved to be more successful competitors and earned a ticket to the finals.
In terms of Paulo Bento was not able to surprise his counterpart does, but Vicente Del Bosque a surprise. In the "basis" for the position of center-forward Fernando Torres does not appear, or Cesc Fabregas, and Alvaro Negredo. The Spaniards entered the match with mourning ribbons in memory of Miki Roque, 23-year-old defender, "Betis", who died of cancer, the official site of UEFA.
But with the starting whistle the game with the composition and the thought of the tragedy have gone away - in the first place out of His Majesty the football. Contrary to expectations, the Portuguese did not play a "number two" from the very beginning, and pressed the Spaniards to the gate, one after another, by submitting a couple of corners. However, it quickly returned to normal - Spanish "tick-tock" went to the move, European and world champions took possession of the ball, and most of all for some time in the spotlight turned out to Pepe, who had to work up a sweat in the center of the Portuguese defense.
Spanish perepas nearly led to big trouble for Rui Patricia is the ninth minute when Alvaro Arbeloa punched over the crossbar, ending mnogohodovku, which originated on the left flank. Characteristically, in a potentially goal-attack has participated almost the entire Spanish team. Ronaldo said Portugal shed from the left flank, but, again, speaks volumes, gave the captain to Nani, who was surrounded by four defenders.
Yet already in the debut it was clear that far from the Spaniards in order to feel as comfortable as in the quarterfinals against France. At times world and European champions simply outplayed, and keep the ball in the corporate style they could not always. But these episodes were enough to create moments. For example, in the 29th minute, Andres Iniesta struck a blow with a dangerous free kick almost on the border standing ball and almost hit the target.
Of course, on the edge of the injection response was Ronaldo. The ball after it hit another from the penalty literally licked the bar, and attack the Portuguese to be not less acute. Then the game settled down, and the remainder of the first half was a completely equal to the positional struggle, a kind of chess. In the first half, Spain showed the lowest for itself in the UEFA EURO 2012 the percentage of accurate transmission.
The second half began in similar vein, which was completed first. The Spaniards did not work to dominate the same way as in all previous matches at Euro 2012, with the exception of the game with Italy, but Portuguese is still unable to create enough about them to the gate intensity. From polumomentov the first half of the second half, it may be noted that a couple of really scathing attacks Hugo Almeida missed the target.
Already at the end of hours of play Del Bosque left to fight Cesc Fabregas and Jesus Navas instead of Negredo and David Silva. Tangible dividends to no avail - can recall except that a tight kick Xavi straight at the goalkeeper in the 65th minute. Once again, the entire Portugal Ronaldo answered - in the 73rd minute penalty it could be very dangerous, but the ball flew over the crossbar. The same thing happened after the "standard" in the 85th minute - again higher. As a result - equal to almost no points a game in which the Portuguese looked at least as good a formidable opponent.
The moment of truth could come to pass in the 90th minute - in the course of four to three counter-attacks, which could well prove to be scoring, Raul Meireles gave a pass is not too convenient Ronaldo, who on the run from the border sent the ball into the heavens. The match went to the endgame - the extra time, which does not help figuring out who among semifinalists stronger.
Until I came 104th minute when Rui Patricia pulled Iniesta strike that hit a few meters, it seemed certain. To reinforce the impression, in the end of the first additional half-time with a penalty kick shot Ramos - in centimeters from the cross. Ten minutes before the end of the meeting was the moment of Navas, but his kick from an acute angle took Rui Patricia.
The result - a series of penalties, and even the first two shots did goalkeeping heroes. First, Rui Patricia did not give Xavi Alonso to score and then Iker Casillas has done the same thing with Jose Moutinho. The following are not scoring defender of "Zenith" Bruno Alves, shot in the woodwork. After that, Fabregas of Spain recorded a victory in the hardest for the world and European champions match.


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